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Core range duo now in cans

Valhalla’s first commercial beer Obsidian Black Ale has joined its core range partner Aragon IPA in 440mL cans. This now almost completes a full transition for Valhalla’s beers from bottles to cans. Following a clear move in the industry toward cans, Valhalla decided to start the move across and hasn’t looked back. “Our sales have […]

Crowd funded beer a big hit

Selling out just five weeks after it’s first official launch, Valhalla Brewing’s crowd funding beer, Obsidian Black Ale, has proven to be a huge success. Initially funded via a successful $5000 crowd funding campaign on, Obsidian Black Ale saw Scott Hunt, a home brewer for 25 years and small business owner for 13 years, […]

Obsidian on tap at the Palace Hotel

The latest venue to tap Valhalla Brewing Obsidian Black Ale is the fabulous Palace Hotel in South Melbourne. The Palace is described as an “unpretentious bare-brick pub with a beer garden and keg stools, for craft ales, steak and burgers.” We reckon it is exactly the type of place where we want our beer served […]

Our first craft beer media review!

We were pretty stoked to see the first official review of our Obsidian Black Ale appear on the excellent craft beer blog and podcast Ale of a Time. The first review in their Winter Time Dark Beer Extravaganza Week  (WTDBEW) series, the review was extremely positive despite initial misgivings. Our favourite line being “The whole aesthetic experience […]

Obsidian T-shirts soon to be available

Valhalla Brewing’s Obsidian Black Ale is our first and favourite beer. To celebrate the birth of our black beauty we are releasing an Obsidian t-shirt. These will be available very soon for $32 + postage. To order yours email