About Valhalla Brewing & Taproom

Valhalla Brewing & Taproom is located in Geelong, Victoria’s largest regional city around one hour west of Melbourne.

In norse mythology, Valhalla is the great hall of Odin where Viking warriors go after they die to be reunited with their friends and loved ones. In essence it is the Viking’s heaven, where they feast, fight and drink beer for eternity. We reckoned this was the perfect name for a brewery & taproom (although we prefer to think of ourselves as lovers rather than fighters!).

Valhalla are passionate about creating quality, handcrafted beer that helps to open up people’s perceptions of what beer can or should be. We aim to do this by creating “seriously drinkable” beers, ie beers that will excite and interest dedicated craft beer drinkers, yet also provide an enjoyable experience for the average beer drinker.

Valhalla’s beers can be found in Independent bars and bottleshops throughout Geelong and the Surf Coast, Melbourne, regional Victoria, Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney. Our beers can also be purchased online at www.beermoth.com.au

Our Philosophy

Valhalla Brewing creates craft beer that honours the Viking philosophy that life is to be lived to the fullest. That life (and, of course, beer) is a gift from the gods and therefore should honour the gift that has been bestowed upon us. We intend to live up to this philosophy by passionately producing brilliant beer made only with natural and, where possible, locally sourced, ingredients.

Valhalla’s beers will in some way honour that which makes our lives precious – music, literature, art, travel, food.

Our Location

Valhalla Brewing & Taproom is located at 12-14 Union Street in the heart of Geelong’s CBD.
We are open 7 days a week: Monday to Thursday 2 – 9pm, Friday and Saturday 2pm – 1am and Sunday 2pm – 8pm.

We feature live, local music on Fridays from 7-10pm.

For upcoming gigs and other events go to our facebook page.