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Geelong based Valhalla Brewing will allow local investors of all sizes to become a part of its history as it launches a crowd sourced funding (CSF) campaign this week.

Founded in 2016, Valhalla Brewing has recently signed a lease at the historic Geelong Federal Woollen Mills site in North Geelong and now seeks to help fund their planned state-of-the-art automated brewery by inviting small investors to become part owners in the company.

Valhalla’s founding director Scott Hunt believes this is an opportunity for local people to become a part of something truly unique in the region.

“We believe that this is the beginning of what will become known as the people’s brewery of Geelong,” says Scott.

“By offering locals the opportunity to own a part of Valhalla, we are building a business that is truly locally owned and run. Investors will be contributing to local jobs, profits will go back into the local community, and locals will be able to come and have a drink in a brewery they own a part of,” Scott adds.

Equity Crowdfunding has become a popular way for craft breweries to fund growth in recent times, with well-known brands such as Dainton, 3 Ravens, Bridge Road Brewers and Black Hops among those completing successful CSF campaigns in the past 12 months. These campaigns have allowed small-time investors to own a part of participating companies for less than $500.

“Crowd funding has been an important part of Valhalla’s history with our first two beer releases being funded through successful crowd funded campaigns,” Scott points out.

“This is next level crowd funding though, as participants will actually own a part of our company. This will give us the opportunity to build a passionate and loyal Valhalla family who will be proud to bring their friends and family to a brewery that they are part owners of.”

According to a recent report by Independent Brewing Australia, the independent craft brewery industry has seen steady growth, experiencing a 17.7% growth in revenue from 2019 to 2020 and increasing its share of total beer revenue by 14.1%.

This growth has resulted in a number of breweries needing to facilitate growth and fund expansion and Valhalla is no exception as it looks to open a 500,000 litre per annum brewing facility and taproom at the Federal Woollen Mills site by April 2023.

“We are incredibly excited about what the future holds in store for Valhalla and to be opening up ownership of our company to the people of Geelong,” says Scott.

Valhalla Brewing’s crowd sourced funding campaign is being facilitated by the CSF platform Birchal (

Register your interest in the Valhalla Crowdfunding campaign here.