GALLOWTREE is back and better than ever.

GALLOWTREE is back and better than ever. A big rich and sweet stout with bold upfront notes of aniseed and liquorice. Chocolate and oak with a hint of blackcurrant round out this modern take on the classic winter beer. The image of the Gallowtree represents the bittersweet nature of life and death. GALLOWTREE Oatmeal Stout…


A sweet leaf and weed freak hazy pale ale with a cosmic load of fruity hops. Low on bitterness and high on sessionability.

Brewed by @valhalla_brewing in collaboration with legendary Aussie rock band @tumbleweed_gong in celebration of the RE-issue of their 1994 album Galactaphonic.

GET ON IT QUICK! This limited release is EXCLUSIVELY online at 🤘🏼


Jamageddon II at our Moolap Warehouse blew the roof off! Featuring heavy and local bands from Geelong and Melbourne alongside great craft beers – what more could you want.


You Legends
The Dawdlers
Strange Unit
Earth Omen
Smoke Witch

Keep your eyes peeled for the next JAMAGEDDON show, details coming soon.